Kurt Gauger 3D Conceptual Artist

Bringing Art To Life

Greetings!  My name is Kurt Gauger I've always had an interest in the arts and storytelling.  I attended a local college in their film school and ended up working in the entertainment business as a Propmaster, Set Decorator, EFX Guy and Occasionally an Art Director for the last 35+ years. Recently I had to retire due to an accident on set.  I was given the opportunity to enroll in a 3D Modeling for Gaming Certificate Class and am in my final stages of completion. This site is an example of my progress and what I've learned over the last year and a half (Click on the images to see a brief description in - ASSETS AND ENVIRONMENTS).  I look forward to creating more in this areana and bettering my skills for future endeavors.  Feel free to leave a note or any questions you might have.  Thanks for visiting my site!!
  • Long Beach, California, United States